Working out: fitness training tips for beginners

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Beginning a fitness training program is a great thing for anyone at any age because it can change your life and make you a more productve, healthy, strong person. Staying in top shape can help your career, love life, social life and personal satisfaction. As with any other kinds of training you need to learn the do’s and don’t of fitness training so you can avoid injury that can be impairing and delay you in your daily life. If you’re not careful some injury can be permanent and you can become disable as I have seen many athletes become over the years because they went overboard and don’t follow the appropiate routines.

Just like a baby must crawl before he or she can start walking, as a fitness guru you have to start crawling first and then walking so that you don’t get injured and become impaired. You must start out at the beginning level and then advance as time goes by. Do not try to lift a 50 lbs machine if you haven’t lift a 10lbs machine yet. You will be injure and cause your bone and muscle to tear in a way that is difficult to repair. You need to give yourself sometimes to progress as with anything else.

I’m a health care provider and I can tell you all of things I have witnessed while working in the hospital but all of the knowlege I have about what you need to do. The ball is a stiff thing and you need to shake it all of and stretch it all out before you start doing any kind of workout. Before any kind of routine, you must first stretch for awhile your entire body and then do some warmup before you start. You have to wear the appropiate shoes and attire for comfort and support. I have seen so many times that people don’t stretch, warm up, or wear the right attire. This is why people get injured when they go beyond what they should be doing. This is why people break their back and their knee. I have seen people run in slipper. This is not the way. You won’t have any support for your legs, knees, and over all you will be injuring your knees and hurt your feet. I have seen people exercise wearing jeans, you have to wear spandex or stretchable clothing so that you can breathe and perform the movement that you really to.

When you begin training just start out slow and using low weight and progress every single week instead of running when you haven’t walk yet. Please don’t do these kinds of things. When working out you will need to drink plenty of water and electrolytes drink like gatorade to replenish the water that is loss during exercising.


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