Pets: how to bathe a dog

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I think that you should bathe your dogs every single day because dogs can harvest a lot of germs on their furs and every other kinds of creatures like fleas. The germs on your dogs can be pass on to you and make you sick. If you have children, the germs on your dogs can make your children sick too. If you have a medical illness, it’s best that you don’t have dogs at all because you can get more sick with the dogs harvesting so much germs around you. You should get rid of the dogs. Plants and pets are not good things to have inside your house if you are ill. Especially if you have a wound or an open sulture of some kind, if you are allergic to most things.

You should take the time to bathe your dogs everysingle day because it can help your dogs to feel better and sleep better but it will also make you less susceptible to getting the germs from the dogs. Some germs are very lethal and there’s no limit to what they can do to you. Dogs just like human will feel better and sleep better once they have been bathe. Just like a little baby who can sleep better when you bathe it. Have you had days where you haven’t shower, and how do you feel afterward? Do you sleep well? Do you feel itchy? Everyone need showering. You have to do it every single day. Treat your dog if you would a child. There is not much of the difference between the two. If you follow this simple rule of treating your dog like a human being then your dog will experience less problems. Feed your dog like you feed a child, with appropiate cleanliness and nutrition.

The first step to bathing your dog is buying the right shampoo and brush for your dog. You can find all kinds of product at Petsmart. You should not use human shampoo or dish washing shampoo like some people do because it’s not the right product for your dogs. When washing your dogs use slightly warm water to help the dog feel more comfortable and use a large dog towel to dry afterward. You should use shampoo and a brush to brush your dog throughly. You should use your hands to massage your dogs to get all the dirt and fleece out and rinse it well afterward. If your dog is jumping around too much you can use a treat to train your dog. You can tie the dog rope to something in the bathroom to keep him or her still. You should wash your dog every evening so that they can go to bed comfortably. It’s not a good idea to wash in the middle of the day because they will get dirty again. Washing your dogs regularly is great so that they can be free from germs and bacteria that can make you sick and them sick.


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