Being the Ultimate Nerd

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It seems like everyone wants to be part of the cool crowd. They want to walk around in mainstream clothing and listen to mainstream music and they want to hang out with the mainstream crowd. But, not you. You want to embrace the nerd inside you and shun all things mainstream. Because, in the world of nerds, that is what’s really cool.

Do you need glasses? Forget the contacts. Those things are irritating anyways. Get the biggest nerdiest glasses you can find and wear them proudly. They will heighten your nerdiness as well as add character to your face. If you don’t need glasses, then don’t be afraid to buy a pair of fake glasses with regular, see through glass for the fake lenses.

Not already a star wars fan? Where have you been? Get with the program already! Buy every single star wars movie in existence and watch them all. Familiarize yourself with them and memorize the story line. Buy the star wars action figures and magazines. Buy the games. Get the costumes. Put star wars posters on your walls alongside those glow in the dark star wars character faces.

Don’t just stop with star wars. There are other science fiction movies and shows out there, highly popular amongst nerds. So, get on board and watch them all.

Acquire Sci-Fi toy weapons, preferable from something like star wars and have a Sci-Fi battle with your friends, dressed from head to toe in Sci-Fi costumes. Feel free to video record your battles and upload them to the internet for the whole world to see and revel in the sight of your ultimate nerdiness.

Play role-playing games, such as dungeons and dragons. Schedule at least one night a week for this, invite all of your nerdy friends and never, ever skip D&D role-playing night. For ultimate nerdiness, play more than one role playing game that each have their own specific day of the week.

Read comics. Spiderman, Batman, Superman, and every other nerdy comic series out there. Buy the graphic novels and read them every day. Decorate your walls with comic book posters.

Have your own Marvel crush. If you’re a girl, then Wolverine, Spiderman, and Remy LeBeau are just a few examples of good marvel crushes. For the guys, consider females such as Fanatic Four’s Invisible Woman or even the beautiful Harley Quinn.

Wear suspenders, over the waist pants, Marvel t-shirts, or any other ultimately nerdy clothing.

Understand science and technology. Be good with math. The smarter you are, the nerdier you are.

Research governmental conspiracy theories. How many cameras and sound recorders do you think are hidden in your home? Did Americans land on the moon? Is your phone tapped? Are they listening in on your conversations? Did they put spy-ware on your computer? Do they know what you’re reading at this very moment? Be as paranoid as possible.

Get a telescope and watch the stars. Aliens are out there and you know it. They’ve probably already visited earth with their peace signs, but ended up being captured and now the government is dissecting their bodies. Such a thing is going to lead to a war of the worlds! And no matter how many of the aliens’ advanced technologies earthlings have stolen and tried to replicate, the aliens are going to win because they’re coming prepared with more advanced weapons that they didn’t even bring the first time! Be prepared for the alien invasion!


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