Theme Park Adventures

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Regardless of age or what you like to do, there is a theme park for you. Many of us have fond memories of visiting theme parks with our family. Remember waiting in line to hop on the latest adventure ride? or the joy of munching on all the junk food you wanted during your visit? If you don’t have these fond memories, it’s never too late.

Make a visit to one on the next vacation. They can entertain people of all ages. What other vacation can everyone enjoy? There are so many experiences, everyone will find something they like.

Looking for a wild adventure, or a relaxing time? Either way, there’s one out there for you. Their all inclusive pricing makes for a care free stay, with accommodations either on site or close by. The rides, meals, and transportation are all included, so just enjoy.

Great idea for families, who can say good-bye to cooking and hauling chores. They are usually built in a compact layout, making getting around easy. How about that extended family reunion you have been wishing for?

You’ll never have time to visit them all. Just decide what state or region you want to visit, and you’ll be amazed at the choices. Do an online search, or with a trusted travel agent. Package deals are available from a short weekend to two weeks or more.

Disneyland in Anaheim, California is probably the most famous. It opened in 1955 on 160 acres. That same year the Seaquarium opened in Miami,Florida. The warm climate offered year round outdoor Dolphin shows. Cypress Gardens opened in 1936 as Florida’s first theme park. Originally a botanical garden, it became a favorite visit for many Hollywood celebrities, and was a feature in many movies. Walt Disney brought his magic to Florida in the 1970’s, building the gigantic Disney World near Orlando. This is much bigger than Disneyland, and quickly became Florida’s biggest attraction.


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