Creating a Scrapbook of Your Own

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Making a scrapbook can be a very enjoyable activity if you do it right and create a fun-filled masterpiece. However, if your scrapbook turns out to be a big cluttered mess, then all it can lead to is disappointment and frustration if it doesn’t at least earn a few mocking laughs. But, you don’t want that. You would rather have a fun-filled masterpiece that you don’t have to hide or throw away. You want a personally-created book that you can show off to your friends and family and here’s some tips on how to do it.

Plan ahead. What sort of scrapbook do you want to make? Do you want it to be filled with pictures of your friends and family? Do you want to decorate the pages with your own art? Or would you enjoy filling it with “scrap” such as gift wrapping paper, clothing tags, or other sorts of scrap paper?

Buy or make your own book. If you want to buy a book, then simply find the size and style that you would prefer. But, if you’d rather your scrapbook be a bit more personal by creating your own book, then acquire cardboard and printer paper. Sew the printer paper together. Then glue fabric to the spine. Cut your cardboard cover slightly larger than the inner pages and then glue the interior pages to the inner fold of the cardboard book-cover.

Decorate the cover. Add a picture of yourself to the cover if you’d like to show everyone the face of the book-owner. Add lace or anything else to add attraction the book’s exterior.

After the book-cover is acceptable and attractive, it’s then time to begin work on the inner pages. Add pictures to each page, surround them with decorations such as glitter, stickers, or cut out small cartooned pictures and then glue them to the interior pages.

The most important thing that you need to do is Have Fun! Don’t take the task too seriously. Don’t let it start feeling like a chore. This is a hobby and it’s meant for you to enjoy.


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