Pets: Keeping dogs inside of your home

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Dogs should be indoor pets according to my experiences with dogs. I say this because I love my dogs too much to let them roll out on the dirty, cold, harsh weather of outdoor. I don’t like to see my dog live in that condition and that they will also be very lonely. My dogs were like my children, I couldn’t distinct a thing from the dogs and a human being. If anything the dogs give me millions of laughters more than a human being does. My dogs always bring me happiness and never a headache. This is why I’m a dogs lover and chose to raise dogs instead of children. This is how much I adore dogs and I know most people adore their dogs too and they would keep them inside if they didn’t crap all over the place, chew up the furniture and be a major hazard to the safety of everything in the house. Dogs can be dangerous inside by themselves with no supervision. I think that dogs should be kept inside when there is supervision. When you’re not home you should tie them to something if you’re going to keep them inside so that they don’t create a fire or ruin all of your glass collectibles.

My pets were great inside, although I learned that they are hyper and they can destroy a lot of your things if you leave them unattended. I only keep them inside if I can supervise them. It can be dangerous if you leave them inside without tying the lease, they can create a fire or a major hazard to your safety.

I prefer my dogs to be inside because they won’t get as dirty and hot or cold from the outdoor weather. Dogs are just like human, they need to live in a comfortable settings with companions. Dogs get more lonely than people do. They need your love and attention more than you think. Your dogs will be smarter and more receptive to people if you treat them like a person. They will feel more confident next time they’re with people. Dogs that are kept outside all the time do not respond well to people. They are a stranger to people and can even attack people. They won’t come and play with people. They won’t be people friendly.

Your dogs will be more like people and imitate people more if they spend a lot of time with people instead of living like an animal. They will have the mind and heart of an animal if that’s what you let it be. They will more like a human being if you interact with them like a human. My dog was like an animal when I first got him and as I spend all of my time with him, he became like a person. He’s more friendly to people and he approaches people more. When I first got him, he wouldn’t come to me or play with me. He was afraid of people. Now every time he see someone new he would jump up to them and play with them. This is not very common with most dogs.


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