Sigma Team’s Zombie Shooter

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Well, this game is actually really fun, so if you’re a fan of zombies, you should read this little review, and try the game. Zombie Shooter is a 3rd person shooter, with decent graphics. (minimum system req. is pretty low, you can practically play this game even on a dishwasher)
There’s three types of gameplay, first let’s check the campaign:
As you progress trough millions of zombies, you become stronger and stronger (levelling up is kinda strange, you don’t get exp. by killing enemies, you have to collect orbs of exp., and you can share the skill points only at the end of a stage) you can buy or collect weapons, and you can upgrade them too, it’s pretty good nobrainer fun.
There’s a survival game mode, where zombies just keep coming, and if you kill a boss, you get a new weapon. The third game mode called gun stand, it’s almost the same as survival, but here you control a big gun, and you can’t move.
The enemies are not only dumb slow walking zombies, you have to fight dead rats, dogs, killed soldiers, and so on…
As I sad before, graphics are pretty decent, you can’t compare it with today’s games graph, but it’s still not bad, and I really enjoyed the violence of this game.
Sound is average, the effects are good, the music is decent, it’s not really repetative, so there’s nothing to judge about it.
To sum it all up, if you’re a fan of zombies (or killing zomibes), go to this page ,and download the demo of this great game.
Good hunting!


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