How to Trade Stocks With Sharebuilder

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Register on the Sharebuilder website and setup an account. Go to and click on the link that says ‘open an account.’ It will prompt you to enter a user name and password to log in and out of your account.

Once you have setup an account with their site by entering your preferred user name and password, they will prompt you to enter your bank account information. This is so you will be able withdraw money from your bank account into your money market account on Sharebuilder. Your money market account represents all of the money you have available to trade. Until you invest this money in a particular stock though it will just sit on the site untouched, but it does accrue a small amount of interest, so in actuality money in your Sharebuilder money market account is earning your more interest than it would in most bank accounts.

Click on the research tab of the website to find a preferable stock. Assuming you have no idea about trading stocks and don’t have the first clue as to where to begin, Sharebuilder provides you with multiple tools free of charge to help you find your way maneuvering through the stock market.

Click on the “Stock Finder’ tab located directly below the ‘Find Symbol’ tab. Sharebuilder provides five criteria to find the specific type of stock you want: Price, Industry/Exchange, Volume, Market Cap, and Price Performance. The lower the price, and the higher the trade volume the more likely the stock is to be aggressive in its growth and decline.

Trade stock immediately or monthly. Sharebuilder allows you to either trade stock immediately for $9.95$ a trade fro you trade stocks monthly for a $4 a trade rate. They even allow you to make trades by routing money directly from your bank account for up to a few thousand dollars in emergency cases when you haven’t pre-deposited funds into your money market account.

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