Understanding Venus in Libra For Love And Relationships

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Libra is ruled by Venus. That is why, this placement can make a person very romantic at heart. Love poems, candle light dinner, and all that is memorable is what a Venus in Libra craves for in a relationship. Moreover, a person with this placement can be quite adaptable to a given situation. This means in love when things are haywire he will not show tantrums or freak out. Instead he will try to adjust himself to it. Additionally, he is not fond of arguments. Thus, he tries his best to negotiate with his partner something that will keep peace in the relationship. Despite these positive traits, a Venus in Libra person can somewhat be frustrating for a girlfriend.

As mentioned earlier, Venus in Libra longs for romance and this includes sensuality. However, this is where a red flag should be noted down. A man with Venus in Libra can have a tendency to take more from the girlfriend and give less in return. And this can be highly noticeable in bed. Another negative trait is that although a Venus in Libra does not have problem to start a relationship he can give his girlfriend an air of uncertainty about the future. In brief, whether this relationship will be made official through marriage will hardly be revealed by him. The reason behind this is that the sign Libra often struggles in the planning and deciding sectors.


That said, a Venus in Libra person can be faithful, but only if his girlfriend has qualities that make him satisfied. But what are they? To answer this question, we have to look at the Libra traits again. Interestingly, a Libra enjoys social gatherings and entertainment. If we connect this to the Venus we will find a man who wants his girlfriend to enjoy such activities. Additionally, Libra is known to worship beauty. In the same way, a Venus in Libra is attracted to a girl who has a beautiful face. A person with this placement can also find himself to be falling for women with money. The reason is made obvious earlier. This lover wants to be pleasured. And when the woman has the money he knows she will shower him with gold. Once a Venus in Libra sees these qualities in a girl he will do anything to hold onto her.

In conclusion, a Venus in Libra is a better than average lover. He is romantic and thus can be a good catch for a girl. However, he is not for those who have more defined plan for the future of a relationship because he likes living in present moments.  If he is forced to think about the future he will have a tendency to take a break from the relationship. But do not worry! He will not go anywhere. Once the situation has calmed down he will come back and pretend like everything is normal.

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