Travel tips: Choosing non-inclusive package

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The not inclusive vacation will give me a better overall vacation experience. I chose this because I want freedom of choice on all things whether it be expensive or not. I want to leave some room for flexibility and freedom and creativity. An all inclusive package will just squeeze my neck and I won’t be able to breathe freely. This is just my personal taste. When it comes to everything I preferred my own choice or free will. I don’t like it when someone choose something for me or only have a certain thing available because of the package I chose. I like to be picky and choosy, it’s more fun that way for me. This is similar to choosing a boyfriend, an all inclusive package is like an arrange marriage, the husband comes with certain determined standards. I preferred to choose my own boyfriend than a prearranged one. If you think about it, a random boyfriend would be better than a boy that has been fit in the box that is prepared for you.

Giving any situation, things will be on the better side if we are able to make our own choices instead of having things picked out for us. You would also agree with me. It’s agitating and constricting to know that your choices are done by someone else. It will be more fun if you can choose which time and day you like to visit certain places on your vacation than set day and time. What if you can’t make it because you have a stomach ache. You usually will have stomach ache when traveling over sea. The water and food there are not that friendly to your stomach. I would prefer to go anywhere I wanted when my stomach is clear.

Sometimes being able to choose your plans and dining could even cost less than an inclusive package because you are not an elephant and will not be able to eat all of the food that your package offers. You won’t have the mood for all of the destination that the package suggests. Just because you travel it doesn’t mean that you will want to eat all the time or run around the street all of the time. You might want to just lay on a beach all day long or something to relax. Every vacation is different and should be shape by us alone.

Sometimes a vacation is for relaxing and it doesn’t mean that we want to spend all that time with the same people eating and touring all day long with them. I know that would really irritate me. I only want to be alone. This is more relaxing for me. Being by myself and eating whatever that I like. I don’t like the idea of being tie in the same room with the same people all the time.


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