Windows Vista made easy

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Windows vista the latest operating system from Microsoft is considered as a “disaster” by many. Even after the release of its first service pack it is said to be haunted by problems like application incompatibility, lack of drivers etc. But that’s what some has to say about it. I personally feel that it is the best operating system yet. The problems that`s said to be haunting vista was also seen when Xp was released. But it became more stable from time to time through updates and service packs. When I installed vista I didn’t had to install any drivers separately. All the apps that I had with me worked with vista except for a few old games. I have seen many people describing vista as a copy of Mac or even certain distros of Linux. Let me put it clear that many of the features you are boasting as a copy of Mac or whatever had been introduced by Microsoft a long time back. Take sidebar for example. Microsoft was the first to introduce the concept of sidebar. But the road to vista was so long that vista was the last to arrive. Certain features have been dropped from vista like WinFS. But even without those features i feel that Windows vista is a nice little operating system that it was supposed to be.
Here are a few tricks that can help in increasing the performance of windows vista

1) Turn off unwanted animations. To do this click start menu. In the search box type “sysdm.cpl”( without quotes) and click continue when prompted by UAC. Click the advanced tab and under performance click settings. In the visual effects tab uncheck the options that are unnecessary.

2) Disable unnecessary services. But you should be careful when disabling them because sometimes disabling an important service can cause problems. Look here for more info Disable superfetch if you dont have more than 2 gb of Ram

3) Reduce the start up items. For that click start menu and type “mwsconfig”( without quotes). Say the user account dialogue box to continue. Select the startup tab and deselect the programs that you dont want to start with windows.

4) Do disk cleanup and defragmentation periodically.

5) You can get Mac osX exponse clone in vista by using a utility called My Expose. You can download it from

6) Turn off the sidebar and welcome center. Right click the sidebar and select properties. Uncheck start sidebar when windows starts. While the Welcome Center is mildly interesting the first time you see it, you will quickly tire of it appearing every time you boot your Vista PC. This behavior is easily changed by unchecking the Run a Startup button located at the bottom of the Welcome Center

7) Use readyboost to increase the performance of your system.

8] For some strange reasons you cannot add Internet Explorer to your desktop the easy way throught desktop items. But you can add it by modifying a registry value. Before editing the Windows Registry it is always advisable to make a backup of the Registry file.

Click the Start button
Open the Run dialog box (or type regedit in to the search box on the Start Menu)
Type in regedit and press Enter
Navigate to the following registry key:
Create a new DWORD 32-bit by right clicking in the key area
Copy this as the key name including the brackets:
Close regedit
Right click on the Desktop and click the Refresh menu entry — Internet Explorer should now appear.

9) The default behavior in vista start menu is sleep. But you can change it to shutdown. Open control panel and select system and maintenance and click change power plan under appropriate settings. In the next screen select change advanced power settings.

In the advanced setting’s tab collapse power buttons and lid and then start menu power button change the settings from sleep to shutdown.

10) If you want to restart your computer quickly for some reasons press control + alt + delete. In the new screen you will see a red shutdown button in the bottom right corner. Simply click it by pressing and holding control. Then a screen will appear asking you to confirm. Just click yes.


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