A Flash In The Eye

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So it was a quiet day.  The weather was much to be desired and the warmth of the sun was ever inviting.  One might ask what the day had brought, what wisdom it might have shed to someone ever eager to continue upon ones journey’s.  Though it was not infinite wisdom that was discovered today, you might say that light was shed and hope was embraced.  The eye of one’s life was depended upon for sight and the gracious tongue of eternity beckoned me to search.  I was enlightned, I was intrigued.  Although I may not know the exact path of the course that inspired me, I was ever interested and motivated to follow the course ahead.  There are lights that blind the eyes and pull forth the good of our souls.  The air wisked me and gave me the direction I had been waiting for.  Though there are uncertainties, faith grasped me and said it would be shown and that the way would not be so uncertain.  The angels of our nature would lead and guide; they would not lead us astray.

I was given a gift and held in the light; I was given hope and taken by the hand, assured that all had not been lost and there was so much more to look forward to.  May we all be given this gift for it is a miracle, it is a light from the heavens to show us the way.  All that may seem dismal and discouranging can be overcome in the light, it can be conquered.  The path ahead shows promise but in no way demands less determination.  We all shall overcome the obstacles in our lives if we prove that we have the will and power to overcome them.  No soul should ever be distrought over the path ahead, it is destiny, it is life.  So much may demand its strength to discourage us from moving forward, but we can not give in to these demands.  The power and the will of our own determination allows one step forward down our paths.  The will of those and those alike who wish to see our failure will never succeed so long as we have the strength to carry own.  Never give up, never lose hope, and never allow faith to pass you by.  We will succeed and we will conquer all that stands in the way of our paths, so long as we push forward and take the hands of those that help us along.  We will fight and will win.  Nothing is too strong for one to overcome, nothing can break your will if you have the power to push and never give up.  Never, ever, ever give up.


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