Style and Mood of Choosing a Jamba Juice Smoothie

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Love a smoothie-on-the-go? It’s a cool solution to common concerns people have that’s addressed all in one delicious consumption.

• Soda pop elimination
• Vitamin intake
• Fruit serving
• Whole meal alternative
• Sweet tooth craving
• Reasonable calorie intake

Although a fantastic smoothie maker myself, there are times when it is nice to have someone else make one for me. That’s where Jamba Juice comes in. The only problem is choosing which drink to order! Hmm…

Taste is in the palette of the beholder!

Although I have a couple of favorites, I like to look at the menu anyway just in case there’s something new to try. My observation when I visit Jamba Juice is people seem to order by Style and Mood.

Most folks order a smoothie that suits their style whether it’s age, personality, even occupation. Ever notice that? Kids tend to order the common fruity-fun flavors like a strawberry dominant drink maybe even mixed with peanut butter. Adults may be a little more exotic in their choices and order pina colada or an orange dream. Then there’s the bold business person who steps up to the plate and gets a shot or two of juiced wheatgrass…yooo-hooo!

Then there’s folks who order according to how they are feeling that particular day or minute. You might notice that mood folks will study the menu for a while before ordering and even while waiting for the order to be made, they still aren’t certain if that’s the flavor that will satisfy their palette…oh well!

Choosing a free boost is the best part of the order. There is a boost for every style or desire: vitamin, energy, weight burner, happy heart, calcium and immunity. This is where you can express your individuality.

The best way to try a bunch of flavors at once at a minimal cost is to visit Jamba Juice with a cool bunch of friends. Everyone orders a different super-sized drink. Bring a stack of 4 oz. or smaller cups to sample the different flavors. This is a really fun outing to experience while deciding which flavors are delightful.


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