Is A Harley Davidson Bike For You?

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The Harley Davidson bike has been around for more than a hundred years.  It is one of the most popular road bikes around and it will be around for years to come.

Harley Davidson sales are pretty consistent throughout the year. Consumers purchase plenty of Harley parts and gear in the winter months whether  for holiday gifts or anticipation of the upcoming “riding season”.  They have everything for men, women, children and the family pet.  Most Harley Davidson dealerships carry a full line of products.

If you are thinking of buying don’t count on finding a Harley Davidson cheap. They are beautiful bikes and as with most products, you get what you pay for.  The Sportster is one of the most affordable. If you have the time, be sure to compare prices at several Harley Davidson Dealerships. Often times the prices vary greatly on a used Harley. You can find used Harleys for sale online or in the classifieds but most private sellers do not offer any type of warranty. Once you’ve experienced a Harley, you never go back.

I know numerous women riders who own Harleys. Two of the most popular among them are the Dyna and the Sportster. These two models seem to be lighter than other models and women can maneuver them better.  I know numerous men that ride them also, they are not a “girls” bike.

I have a V-Rod and a Classic Harley Davidson. Most men I ride with love the Classic Harley Davidson but not all can afford it. I bought mine used, it was 2 years old when I purchased it and was barely broken in.  It is my baby and my favorite of the two that I own. The smooth ride is unbeatable.

All Harley Davidson dealerships offer motorcycle financing. If the dealership cannot get you financed because of bad credit, you can search for and apply for motorcycle financing online.  There are sites that solely deal with applicants that have bad credit.


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