Part of a team

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Dear supporter/carer,

Do you realize how important you are? You are, in fact part of a team.

Working together like a well oiled machine.

Your part is as important as any other.

They take care of the medical stuff, the rest you cover.

You know them far better than anyone else.

And it’s your love and care that makes them feel secure, and gives them confidence.

It’s you that keeps up their spirits and their will to live.

With all that love you share, and care you freely give.

I know you are probably quite tired,

And your life so restricted.

But a more rewarding thing you’ll never do.

They will get there, thanks to you.

Please don’t underestimate the part you play.

The love from you will make them want to get better and stay.

I think you do great, from one carer to another,

Looking after them: friend, father, sister or mother.

Your feelings though are very important.

And I hope that you feel that you are supported.

If you don’t, there are people out there to support you,

Then you can carry on being that loving, caring person that is YOU.


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