How to Get a Job

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Job search is the most important thing anybody does. After all you got to have money to eat. Finding a job can be very difficult at times. Many people also get depressed if they don’t get a job and in the time of recession finding a job is also frustrating.
Ok to start with you have to make a good resume of your qualification. Then post it on all the job sites. Now picking a job site is also very important. The best job sites available may not always be best for you. Like if you are an engineer and get calls for back office then you surely wouldn’t like it would you. So spend some time on the internet and post your resumes on almost all job sites that you see. Then wait for a week see what results you are getting from them. If they are offering the same job that you are interested then continue with that site or else just neglect it.
Always keep your status updating on the job site. In this way the people your profile is always being checked on by the job site people. If they think you are very active on there search engine then they give more dedicated/focused offers to you.
Next thing is if the job sites don’t work then find the placement consultancies in your area or the best one in town. The placement consultancies charge you for the job but the charge is nothing once we have the job. The good thing about placement consultancies is that we don’t have to do any hard work in searching the job. They search the job and we only give the interviews. This is also kind of relaxing ‘coz half the work is reduced.
Always keep a good relation with HR managers. These are the people who are the once we are supposed to impress when we go out in a party or something. If they are in our favor then the chances for an interview are 100% and job 200%.
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