How to Make Tagliatelle Primavera: A Spring Time Recipe

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How to Make Tagliatelle Primavera: A Spring Time Recipe

Half a pound of yellow tagliatelle

Half a pound of green tagliatelle

One cup of diced ham

Two tablespoons of butter

One tablespoon of grated parmesan cheese

Half pound of peas

One box of cooking cream

Tagliatelle are the typical fresh pasta that comes from the region called Emilia Romagna and they are long and flat very similar to the fettuccine but are not as they are a little bit wider, and they can come in different colors and for this recipe we will be using the green and the yellow.

Tagliatelle Primavera which means spring is a great meal to enjoy and the colors of the finish product do remind you of springtime. The recipe makes for about four to five servings and it takes about forty five to fifty minutes to prepare and cook.

First thing to do is to get the peas and boil them in a pan for about half an hour and drain them and cut the ham into small pieces in the meantime.

In a skillet add the butter and the ham and cook on low for four to five minutes, and at this time add the cooking cream to the mix and turn the heat to medium and cook for five to seven minutes stirring occasionally.

In the meantime cook the tagliatelle (both green and yellow) according to package instructions and drain them and put them in the skillet and turn the heat down to low and mix well for a minute. Add the grated parmesan cheese on top and serve to your guests.


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