How Do You Borrow Money to Give to Corp and Other Countries

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How Do You Borrow Money to Give to Corp and Other Countries

By Dennis S. Murray Sr.

The United States for years have given money to other countries for numerous reasons and have allowed them to invade the United States with there polices and regulations that only help foreign countries and not the American people. Israel gets billions of free money from the United States taxpayers in times of depression, while Israel is one of the top 25 counties in GDP per capital. But, corporations that received American’s bail-out funds and government grants pay there foreign workers with American’s tax-payers money. The American people should be outraged about their working dollars going into foreign hands while our underserved communities and children’s education is being cut across this nation. Perhaps the tea-party revolutionaries really have something to discuss when they debate taxation, education, and high deficits in this overwhelming economy depressed with massive payout to AIG of $101.3 Billion in tax-payers money going to eight other counties totaling $57.8 Billion dollars with AIG getting $45B along with the car industry that got exceeding amounts of bailout funding as well.

These additional financial institutions receiving billions while everyday working people got pink slips, are: JP Morgan received $25B, Citigroup $25B, Wells Fargo $25B, Bank America $15B, Merrill Lynch $10B, Capital One Financial $3.55B, Sun Trust Bank $3.5B, Washington Federal $200M, and more totaling 32 financial institutions which received a total of $203.08 Billions to stop bankruptcy or the closing of their doors forever. How many of these financial institutions bailed-out small businesses that were in the same shape or worst them they were? There is no record that these financial institutions have helped small business that was failing, even with limited repayment or default penalties which the government imposed on them, the financial industry padded their own pockets with bonuses and awards to take care of themselves. An overwhelming amount of small businesses had file bankruptcy’s estimate (18000) in 2008 first quarter, Chapter 7 (617,748), and Chapter 13 (344,421) in 2009, the numbers have climbed in the first quarter of 2010, while  some business are just walking away period like homes foreclosures across the country.

None of these financial institutions are getting collection calls and judgments against there business or names, they are just requesting additional funds from Congress to bail them out of there problems. Congress should be about helping the people, however greed plays a major role in Congress and our small business owners and there families continue to get nothing but more financial woes that ends with increasing suicides across America and aggressive lobbyist to keep regulations and polices in their favor to increase their profits at any cost.

Former banking executives Maurice R. Greenberg of AIG was forced out in 2005 due to some fraud and miss-management allegations with American International Group (AIG) but continues to lobby financial reform in Congress. Many former executives are lobbying there efforts to stop financial reform to change the renegotiation terms of executive pay; but when the dust settles they want to be reunited in the financial industries from which they help dismantle while destroying people lives. What’s wrong with Congressional members and the American Bankers Association (ABA) doing the right thing when it comes to the American people and our small business owners that feed the very fabric of this nation?

We are witnessing the departure of Democratic and Republicans throwing in the towel before the 2010 November elections because the kitchen is to hot and this country has gone to the dogs literally.  If thee United States of America wasn’t in this financial disarray and in two wars many of these Congressional members wouldn’t think about leaving Congress and there political war chest of treasurers.

The American people are suffering with collections calls and judgment on there credit reports and none of these cowardly congressionally leaders are standing up for the American people, but continue to send monies to other counties and corporations like Germany, France, UK, Denmark and more. We doubt very much if PNC, State Street Corp, BB&T Corp, First Horizon National, and others that got bailout money are getting collections calls, notices, or judgments on their balances on payment of bailout money from the U.S. Department of the Treasury, despite 12 out of the 40 have paid some money back but not all and with interest. The American people should be aware of the interest rates charged to the recipients and where the money is going. The government should make mandated that these bailout recipients bailout our education system instead of State and local governments laying off teachers, closing schools, closing outreach and after care centers nationally because most of these financial institutions are in your neighborhoods

Taxpayer’s of the American people that owe money to the federal government are not getting a pass, free money, or grants to pay there companies of personal bills. Their tax returns would be forfeited if they owed any money to the government but foreigners don’t pay taxes to the US government, they too get a pass, even though many foreigners got bonuses from the bail-out of these financial corporations, we the American people got nothing but long unemployment lines, not jobs, and more excuses.

One has to wanders why the American families and small business owners are the last to get help in a nation that is suppose to protect and care for them. Remember to think before you vote for any political officer or party because this could be your life and your families’ life that you are playing with this time. Roland Martin say’s on Radio One Washington Watch exercise your right and stop complaining and do something about it by voting these politicians out that don’t stand with you on your issues.






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