A title within a title

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The relationship between us I must tell you is close.

She’s my helper, comforter supporter, biggest fan, carer, and host.

When she’s not with me she’s on the end of the phone,

To help sort things out, whatever my mood or tone.

At times in my life she’s my helper.

That would be the best way to describe her.

She help’s with the ironing, cooking, bathing kids and drying their hair.

She’ll do anything to help me, and show her care.

I just have to do something that’s good or right,

And she’s right there to tell me, I’m great,

Yes it’s now she’s my biggest fan.

No one can take her joy away, no woman or man.

But it’s the time we spend in their home together that I love the most.

We are so welcome there, she is the perfect host.

But most of the time she is my friend, we go out for a meal, and to the park,

And watch the stars in the sky when it’s dark.

And when life hits me hard, comforter is the label I would choose,

Her patience and love for me, she won’t loose.

I’m in so much pain at times; she will look after the children and me.

Now she’s my carer, she brings pain killers, hot drinks then cooks the tea.

She is all of these titles that I have described and many others,

But the title that circles all of these, is mother.


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