Staying Fit During Pregnancy

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Staying fit and healthy throughout pregnancy is very important for not only you but for the health of your baby. As a personal trainer I work with many women throughout gestation so they have healthy happy pregnancies, and healthy happy babies. There are many different things you need to do those long 9 months until your baby is delivered, and also some things that you should do afterwards. Let’s get started.

1. First and most importantly make sure that you are taking your pre natal vitamin. Sometimes your doctor or midwife will prescribe or suggest a certain one. If not just get an over the counter one at a local vitamin shop, or even your local grocer or super store.

2. Secondly, even though you are having all sorts of cravings, changes in taste, and maybe even having trouble keeping food down, you need to try to maintain a healthy diet. It can be hard but it is vitally important for the development of your child. Try getting a fresh serving of fruits or vegetables into every meal, and also a serving of whole grain in at every meal. You need to follow the food pyramid accordingly. The more organic and natural foods you can eat the better.

3. Don’t over eat. Many women live by the common phrase “eating for 2” but in actuality it isn’t even until your second and third trimester that you need extra calories, and you only need about 350. That is not a lot, and can account for an extra snack or small beverage sometimes.

4. Exercise every day. I know you don’t feel comfortable and may not want to, but even at least walking everyday is going to prevent you and your baby from becoming over weight, and will help you throughout pregnancy and delivery. If your muscles do not get weak and tight, you will be less prone to minor injuries during pregnancy and you will have more energy and strength during delivery.

5. Get enough sleep. Some women feel tired all of the time and others get bursts of energy and feel fine. Regulate a sleeping patter and stick to it. You are using a lot of energy and your body is growing another life, sleep is very important. Take naps whenever possible to make sure you and the baby are getting the rest that you need.

These are all things women should not ignore during pregnancy. Every woman that I have trained through pregnancy says that they feel and function better when they eat healthy, exercise daily, and get enough sleep. Don’t neglect any of these areas and good luck!


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