You’re so brave

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Did I tell you recently that I think you’re brave?

When the chips were down you didn’t cave in.

You were too ill to work after that nasty crash,

When inside you must have felt like trash.

The doctor said its post traumatic stress disorder.

You’d eat at the table then leave and just wonder.

When I came after you to find you,

You didn’t even know where you’d been or who you’d talked to.

It’s hard to know what to do when you sit on the floor and rock,

To see you in such a state is such a huge shock.

Bad dreams in the night make you shout or cry.

We want to help you, our parents, family, friends we all try.

I wonder if you’ll ever come back to me, with your smile and laughter.

If, and when you get better will it have made you harder,

Lots of worries run through my mind as I watch you sleep, 

Is this the end of our happiness? I wish I could go to the future for a peep.

Yes I thought you were brave when you got back behind the wheel.

I could see the fear in your face. I could see how you must feel.

“Go on babe you can do it”. Made you go on to prove it.

You carried on driving to pay the mortgage, and bills.

And quicker than we thought, no more pills.

To help you sleep, you managed alone.

But more nightmares you were to undergo.

I’m so pleased that God heard our prayer,

And all the people around us that care

We are so blessed to have the people that love us,

Around us to support us after the crash on the bus.

See not only am I proud of you, and think you’re so brave.

You got well and our family life saved.

Your strength is now mighty, back then it was zero.

You need to know your strength made you my hero.


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