Fruits & Vegetables on the Go!

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 America is so abundant with food yet we don’t always make smart choices when it comes to meal planning. The USDA Food Pyramid recommends sensible food choices and serving sizes necessary to maintain a good balance in our daily diet. But if your household is busy as most American households, you’re more than likely leaving something out.

It’s easy to grab a burger somewhere or a chicken salad at the nearest take-out, but what about your fruits and vegetables consumption. It’s one of the food groups more often left out of the busy American’s diet. It’s recommended the nutrients our bodies need daily from this food group is between 7 to 13 servings a day of varied fruits and vegetables. Why varied in opposed to one or two types? The reason being is varied fruits and vegetables provide varied natural nutrients, minerals and vitamins as well as antioxidants our bodies need to be healthful.

Fruits and vegetables are key helpers that positively impact several indicators of cardiovascular wellness, protects DNA from oxidative damage, supports the immune system, reduces oxidative stress associated with aerobic exercise, and delivers key phytonutrients absorbed by our bodies.

Realistically, fresh fruits and vegetables can be expensive for one person let alone a whole household. So here are a few tips on getting the most for your dollar for a healthful lifestyle on a busy daily schedule.

To get more for your dollar, shop for fruits at your local farmer’s market. Chain store prices are 40% or higher in price than your local farmer’s market.

Check the price reduction bins at the grocery stores. You can find great deals on select fruits and vegetables when new shipments arrive.

Grow a vegetable garden and plant fruit trees. This is probably the unlikely plan to implement based on your busy schedule. But if you have kids, this could be a great family time opportunity. Go on a family trip to the garden store and have fun picking out fruits and vegetables seeds. Sit down together and plan out your garden beds. Enjoy the sunshine getting dirty tilling and planting your garden. Lastly, enjoy the fruits and vegetables of everyone’s love and labor.

Buy supplements. There are good supplements in capsule or pill form available for the super busy folks who just don’t have the time to commit 100% to a healthful diet. I fall into the group that doesn’t want to eat so much fruits and vegetables on a daily basis but I want the healthful benefits it provides. I find supplements less expensive and there’s no preparation involved as I’m just too busy to take the time to eat sometimes. I’ve tried many brands and have come across Juice Plus+. Check out the website where you can watch a video and listen to expert opinions. You be the judge for yourself and choose what’s best for you. Be healthful!


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