How To Keep A Man Interested And Happy

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1. Make sure he is a top priority. Make time in your day for him. Be his best friend, confidante and companion. Be accessible to him. Set aside time for play.

2. Be on his wavelength. Do you take the time to talk to him every day? Do you let him discuss things with you and feel you are his confidante. In other words he knows he can trust you he will be more comfortable with you. Do you feel you can trust him explicitly? He needs to feel that way about you as well.

3. Be attentive without being over baring. Make him feel special. Do those little things for him that you know he likes. Have his favorite beer chilled for him when he gets home. Remember to stop and pick up his laundry or get his favorite cigars that were back ordered. Those special things you remember tell him he is special to you.

4. Sex should never be a chore. Don’t fake orgasms. Don’t make him feel like you are having sex with him to get what you want. It isn’t collateral. And don’t be a critic. Don’t make a man feel dirty or ashamed of his desire. Sex in the morning can be very sensual and it doesn’t have to be a marathon nor do you have to reach an orgasm. Quickies are another way to come together with your man. And you can initiate sex and not be thought a bad girl. Men enjoy these things and will appreciate you for them.

5. Don’t talk too much or too little during lovemaking. This is no time to tell him about the sexy article you read or to clam up when there is something you could make mention of that you enjoy like how good he makes you feel or that you like certain things he does. And compliments go a long way in and out of the bedroom.

6. Keep up appearances. One thing that will turn a man off is not keeping up your appearance and your personal hygiene. Take pride in your looks but don’t go over board about it. A woman that enjoys being a woman can definitely bring her man home at night.  

7. Do you wear heavy face creams at night? Are you checking your make-up ten times or asking him constantly if you look fat? These things drive a man crazy and push him away. You are telling him you are inaccessible.

Tip: Take a shower or bath with him occasionally.


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