Seek and Ye Shall Live

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It is a good desire, desire is an excellent and, perhaps, our Father, is the first wish, to see us work and serve in his work. So, you ask, because God uses me?
Jesus spent thirty years in the carpentry, awaiting the time of use. Paul the Apostle, tube to go through a process DETOXIFICATION, his regime Pharisee. Moses spent forty years in the desert, tending animals.
All these servants, and many more tubieron to wait their time, others died without doing anything special. God is sovereign, and in his mercy will use, the vessels that it considers more appropriate for the moment, and the work to which destinations.
What if it is true that the skin, before being used, must be seasoned, which thread, weaving is to form the garment, the mud to be cooked in the oven to be useful, the mineral has to be to be worked, diamond polishing, and the Christian is neither will be nothing but an instrument in the hands of its maker, which tenfrá to go through a thousand and one circumstances before God can do something important.
The glasses, the instruments have their value, not by human action, but far from God, not the doctor uses a stylus to operate, but a scalpel, not a carpenter uses a scalpel, if not a saw, does not handle the firefighter for a computer but a fire hose and fire extinguisher to put out the fire. Each instrument is necessary, each instrument is important, every life is necessary, and everything has its purpose, is not much bigger crane because the crane or the stylus pen to be smaller, but each instrument has its own use and glory. But that if required, take the pen tip and write, the hose that squirts water and the crane work, and each use that God has given you to glorify him. Do not you consider insignificant or small, because they are a child of God with purpose and meaning, but get ready, pray, seek the Lord, let pass the knife, scissors, using the oven, but in the end, you can say God will fulfill his purpose in me. Luismquiros.


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