Marquette County: Historic Museum of Marquette, Michigan

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The Marquette County Historic Museum is located at the heart of Marquette Michigan’s Historic Downtown District. The museum is located at: 213 North Front Street, Marquette, Michigan. The Marquette County Historic Museum is the oldest historic society in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It holds a prehistoric Cooper collection of artifacts that range from the past all the way to the present date.

The Marquette County Historic Museum has hundreds of visitors each year, many of which come from around the world to use their extensive research library alone, as well as to see the many museum exhibitions.

The building that houses the museum was purchased in 1937, through a bequest from the estate of Mrs. Mary B. Longyear, a life-long resident of Marquette with family lineage dating back to the early 1800’s. The building was in disrepair at the time of purchase and only after an extensive renovation, the Museum was officially opened 1949.

Due to the many permanent collections of artifacts, dioramas and exhibits the Marquette County History Museum has suffered growing pains and is moving to an even larger building as to accommodate its many special exhibits. They have even dedicated a project as to document this move called: ‘History on the Move”.

The day to day operations of the Marquette History Museum is governed by a dedicated Board of Trustees, which consists of 12 to 15 members, all which are in good standing within the organization and pillars of our local community. The Board of Trustee’s have the Marquette County History Museum’s best interest in mind, as well as the public at large.

So, if you’re a history buff, and or would like to know more about the Marquette area and its history, the Marquette History Museum is your place to be. If you’re are from out-of-town, the equally historic Landmark Inn is located directly across the street and also near such interesting places like; the Marquette Food Co-op and the Upper Peninsula Children Museum; all which are all walking distance from each perspective attraction.

So if you ever consider visiting the State Of Michigan be sure to take a drive to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and the Marquette area and I am sure you will not be disappointed, for the area affords a multitude of many outdoor, as well as indoor activities and attractions that will serve all lifestyles and interests.

Marquette County History Museum


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