Am I A Hater or A Victim of Anti Christian Bigotry?

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Am I a “hater”? The answer to that question is absolutely NOT. But in the past few years, the liberal media in this country has labeled those who do not agree with their ideoligy as being one. Is the media Anti Christian? This is the real question here. I have watched the far left media portray Christians as “haters”. Over the years there have been groups who call themselves “Christian” but their actions are totally opposite of what Christ taught in the New Testament. Of course, those people who rally around homosexual groups holding up signs that say ” God hates fags” are extremely ignorant and yes, they are haters… and also they are NOT TRUE CHRISTIANS according to God’s Word (Bible). When the media shows them on the news they portray this groups ignorance and hatred as if it is ALL Christians who feel this way, which of course is not true. Actually, it is IMPOSSIBLE FOR CHRISTIANS TO BE HATERS. If someone has hatred in their heart (does not repent of it) then they cannot be a true Christian according to Christs teachings.

True Christians who believe there is a hell according to Christs teachings in the New Testament only want to warn others about it with LOVE. So this leads some Christians who have a heart for people to witness in public by giving out tracts, little bibles, etc.. These Christians are not haters but are showing God’s love by warning others about what His Word (bible) says. Some of these true followers of Christ will go in public and yes, hold up signs with biblical scripture, NOT HATRED but of LOVE to warn others what God says about sin. Since true followers of Christ believe the Bible to be the inerrant Word of God, this makes some people who do not believe extremely uncomfortable. Those people get aggrivated with people who share the gospel so they label them as “haters” in hopes of stopping them from exercising their free speech and religious freedom.

Since I believe the Bible to be the Word of God I have been labeled a “hater”. When I share the gospel of Christ I only tell people EXACTLY WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS and not my own opinion. Most of all, I try to speak it with absolute LOVE as Christ taught. So people who do not want to hear about sin and the eternal consequences of it accuse me of “judging others” and being a “hater”. I am not the judge but just an instrument of God’s… a voice He uses to spread His Word… just a mouthpiece. God is the judge.. He is sovereign and He makes the rules…I am just His servant……not a hater.  


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