Java SCWCD exam – helpful tips for Students

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What to do after SCJP is always an interesting question. A lot of people feel that what you should do for the second part of your Sun certification should be something close to your heart. I tend to disagree.

Do SCWCD (or Sun Certified Web Component Developer Exam) is my advice.

To explain, SCWCD is much much easier than SCJP. If it took you 9 months to do SCJP then it should only take about 3 months to pass SCWCD. SCWCD is also a good field if you’re looking at staying in the industry.   Passing the Java web services, mobile or business component exams may be good if your company gets a project that fits into these areas, but plain old SCWCD is probably the staple of ye old software Developer.

There are a lot of study guides for SCWCD. Start off with Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates’ Head First Servlets and JSP book, advance onto Whizlabs exam software and you should be on tip top shape to do the exam.

The pass mark (70%) may be much higher than that for SCJP, but I assure you that a much larger percentage pass SCWCD on the first go than they do the terrible SCJP. Parts of the syllabus that you may have to watch out for will be those on tags, TLD files etc and design patterns, but the other parts are really simple and easy to pick up. The exam format is exactly what you get for SCJP too – 60 questions in 3 hours.


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