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Once upon a time, as an employer, you had no control over what your employees were doing on their computers. You had no idea of which websites they were visiting or if they were actually accomplishing anything at all. Those days are over and you can actively start spying on employees with some very simple software.

As an employer, you have certain obligations to your employees; however, informing them that you are spying on them is not one of those. You simply give a blanket statement to all employees, when they begin working for you, that their computers will be monitored. Simple.

It is possible to install software programs at the network level. This will stop any employee from discovering the program and disabling it from their own desk top. In this way, you can gather data on all employees, not just one or two. There are so many programs to choose from, you will definitely find one that suits your particular company’s needs.

With a plethora of programs available, you can review what each program can do for you before you purchase it. Some of these programs used for spying on employees offer a free trial so that you can see how it actually works before you buy it.

Here are some features you may want included:

  • Easy set up – no technician required – also you want to be able to set the program up quickly, so it should be straight forward, even if you have no computer knowledge.

  • Data tracking – so you can review what each employee does, including their internet activity and keystrokes logged on their keyboard. You should be able to print the logs if you need any proof or “ammo”;

  • Ability to monitor sent and received emails

  • Copies instant message conversations

There are so many features, some programs have basic features, while others have many more. Another consideration is how many licenses you need to purchase if you are installing on individual desktops.

There are a fair amount of Computer Monitoring Programs available on the internet. Some are good and some are of course terrible. To help you make an informed decision we’ve created a comparison website which has the best software available compared side by side. To see what made the list head over to our keylogger downloads website by clicking here.


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