Factoidz: website review

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Factoidz.com is a great writing website which may help writers to build up their online portfolio. It is a site which can be compared with Bukisa and Associated Content and allows publishing knowledge articles (Factoid) or content which may help people to find the necessary information. There are 33 main channels which are divided in many sub-categories and you can publish almost every kind of content (for example, health, finance, business, computers, pets etc.). Even if you don’t find a suitable sub-category, you can suggest one and will be created after approval.

It is not a site which is suitable for writers of poetry because creative writing doesn’t contain information which is based on knowledge facts. It is also not allowed to give your personal opinion about the topic you write. The site wants to share facts about all kind of information which are proven and up-to date. You may also review some products, movies, books but never include links to buy these products and you best discuss pros, cons, how to use and everything which can be relevant for the information seeker.

Joining is quite easy and can be done by creating your account through a referral link and you have to choose the name you want to use, your first and last name, email address, password and accepting the terms of Service. It is important to know that Factoidz.com only accepts articles which are never published before on the Web but it is allowed to republish them in other sites after three days. If you join. If you want to join immediately through the site, you have to follow an approval process and proof your capacities as writer.

It is necessary to fill in your profile and you can upload a picture of yourself which gives a better impression than using a picture of an animal, object or anything else. Your picture need to be appropriate and may help you to acquire more recognizing as writer. It is necessary to have a PayPal account to get paid.

The daily buzz up contest is really a nice feature. If you sign in for Buzz up in Factoidz.com, you can vote articles which are published in the last three days. The one who has the most votes wins the contest and you have the benefit to be featured in the Buzz up contest. You don’t earn money with the contest but you have more chance to get more traffic because everyone will notice the winner and most of them like to read this article.

There is a section which shows the latest published articles, popular today and the most recommended articles of the day. The presentation of these articles is really wonderful through a beautiful picture. You can also find a user forum where you can ask questions about difficulties you may experience or information related to the use of this site. Members are helpful to give you the necessary information.

Another option is the Question and Answers section where you can ask information about everything. This can be information of a movie, advice for pet care, financial issues, a travel destination or anything else where other people may possible help you with. The answers need to be short but it is a great way to show your willingness to help other people.

It is easy to build up a new circle of friends in Factoidz.com. When you read articles in this site, you can click the profile of the writer and you have the option to follow their new articles and also the comments they leave below articles which are published on the site. It may help you also to get more traffic to your articles and if they like your articles, they will buzz up your articles and it may help you to reach easier search engines.

Factoidz.com is also a search engine friendly website and it is easier to reach a good page rank with your articles in this site. They also promote quality articles through different channels which may help you to get recognizing as writer.

Writing for Factoidz.com is really wonderful and you have many options to make variation in your text. You can use Bold, Italic, insert links, pictures and even YouTube videos. You can also use the spelling checker if you haven’t used the one of Word or any other text program. It is not really clear how earnings are calculated but they share ad revenue and the more page views you have the more you get paid.

If you are looking for a writing site where you can make some good money, Factoidz.com is really a good website to build up your online portfolio. Good SEO is always important to get traffic but the site has already a good page rank and is helpful to get more traffic to your articles.


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