Have your own One-Person Photo Shoot

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Need pictures for Myspace, Facebook, or some other social networking website, but don’t quite know how to go about it? Maybe these tips will help.

Get a camera that’s equipped with a self timer. Self-taken close ups of the face and pictures taken through a mirror can get old and boring after a while.

Set up your photo shoot area. Clear out the trash and straighten the room up. How many times have you had to delete a perfectly good picture because your surroundings were too embarrassing? Don’t let it happen with your photo shoot.

Put on your best outfit. Don’t forget the shoes if your trying to look like you’re fully dressed and ready for the day. But, if you’re having a pajama photo shoot or a lounging around the house photo shoot, then don’t worry about the shoes.

Fix and style your hair. If you’re a female, put on make up. Decorate those eyes and cover up the blemishes. Put on any jewelry you want in your pictures.

Relax your body. You don’t want your pictures to come out looking stiff and uncomfortable.

Set your self timer, take your place in front of the camera and strike a pose. Repeat this step as many times as necessary to get the perfect picture.

There are many ways that you can get pictures of yourself, without the aid of someone else. If you can a webcam, you can plug it in and take snapshots of yourself. If you have plenty of spare room on your computer, then you can have the webcam take a short video of you, that way you’ll be able to take screen shots of the video and not have to worry about losing a good pose.


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