Netbeans IDE for Java Programming

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Thinking of getting net beans? Well here’s a quick look at the plus (and minus) points of the IDE. To start with, net beans is a real resource eater. It usually takes about 5 minutes or so to start up, and if you are on anything slower than a P4 machine then I’m afraid that you’re in for a very bad ride indeed.

I once tried running net beans on a (relatively old) P3 machine, the resource usage was so bad that it crashed the computer before I could even write a single line of code.

However the Database support with the IDE is really really great. It has a wizard for creating and managing connections that is really good. Plus you can query and update your tables right through the IDE. Another bonus feature is the built in UML modeling tool. Other IDEs such as Eclipse require you to install a plug in for UML, but net beans already comes with one of its own.

Plus net beans also supports Ruby, Rails, C and C++.  There even are some additional plug-ins that you can download and install. Internet research shows that net beans seems to be catching up with (and even surpassing) Eclipse usage, but I really wouldn’t go as far as to promote net beans over Eclipse. Net beans does have some great features as well as great wizard support  for a lot of things, but the difference between Eclipse and net beans is kinda like the difference between Windows and Linux.


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