Be a High-Quality Artist

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Before you begin on your journey of becoming a good high-quality artist, you should ask yourself several questions along the lines of: “Is art right for me?” “Do I have what it takes?” “Do I enjoy it enough to stick with it?”

Challenge yourself. Create new obstacles to complete. Work and build up your talents.

Never ever give up. No matter how frustrated you are or how much you want to just turn your back on the whole idea of becoming an artist, don’t do it. Stick with it. Never surrender!

Find yourself a unique style. Don’t try to be like some other artist. Be yourself. This will get you a lot further than basing your art on the art of someone else.

Work hard. Build your skills. Make a schedule and stick with it. Do the work every single day and slowly you will get better and better.

Figure out which style of art best suits you. Which ones are you best at. Are you better at abstract art than you are at still life paintings? Once you find your strongest area, focus mainly on that one and keep building it up.

Art may have a lot to do with the imagination, but don’t get lost in your fantasy world. Be realistic about it. Set realistic goals and don’t quit your day job thinking that you can live off your art. Wait until you actually have a steady business surrounding your art before you quit any job for it.


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