Free Softwares (antivirus, spyware removal, cleaners and etc.)

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First of all,  I would like all of you to know that when you find free different softwares in the internet be sure the link is safe from spywares and antivirus.  For example, Most of the time they just pop out on your screen and it says that your computer is infected, it has lots of spywares, computer needs harddisk cleaning and etc. And it says click here to get free software blah blah blah!! I really hate it when those pop up ads fool lots of computer users. Actually, I knew a lot of people that has been fooled of those pop out ads and they call me and ask me that their computer has a virus and its infected.  I suggest that don’t ever believe those pop up ads they just fool you and if you click those ads your computer will be in a worst case scenario. I’ll show you a list of free softwares that you can download for free.  Also, I will be including the links you can download it right away.

Avg Free Antivirus

I’ve been using avg for almost 6 years, before i was using norton and mcafee both of them are good but its not free.  There’s a 30day trial and some sort stuff. The good thing is they scan virus thoroughly and fix it.  The bad thing about them is they’re eating too much ram that makes your computer slow down.  That’s why i switch to avg for me its more reliable and of course its free.

SpyBot Search & Destroy

Have you experienced having spywares on your computer?  There’s a software named spy bot search & destroy, this software is a great software.  I scans your whole computer finding spywares and instantly removes it. There are lots of features such as, Immunization feature and etc.


If you have problems cleaning unused files in your hard disk.  You can use this software instead of using disk cleanup.  You can clean everything with ccleaner, also theres a registry cleaner/repair feature too which is really useful.  I always use this everyday and keep my computer clean and free from unused files and rubbish stuffs haha..

Zone Alarm Firewall

Being afraid on someone stealing your files and etc.? you can download zone alarm firewall for free. Honestly, I don’t use this software any more because i have windows firewall well i think it is working really well.  But if you want to have a different good reliable firewall software just get zone alarm. This fire wall is really great for any kind of computer user you are. Well im a gamer there’s a good game mode feature on zone alarm.

That’s all of the free softwares ive been using in my entire computer life those are free great softwares that work really well without spending a dime.  It’s just one click away.

I’ll review some more softwares soon.


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