Shortcommings of the Python Programming language

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Thinking of learning Python? Well let me try to stop you. I’ve been spending the last month or so trying to learn Python and let me tell you, Programming languages probably couldn’t get any worse than python. The reasons? Python doesn’t have a compiler. Instead it is executed by an interpreter and of course that makes it very much slower. And also python doesn’t suit every Programming task. It’s definitely not suited for  system level programs  like kernels and device drivers because it doesn’t give much control over memory management tasks that we’d like to do.  And also it shouldn’t be your top choice for computation heavy code because the Interpretation takes ever so long.

Another messy issue – Java and other sensible programming languages that we are used to have brackets ‘{‘ to manage code blocks. Python on the other hand uses Spaces and tabs.  It may not seem all that much of an issue at first, but let me tell you, spending an hour or two trying to fix an overly complicated error  that finally turns out to be  an extra space certainly doesn’t do anyone any good. And of course it’s not like they give you a helpful error message like ‘you have one space too many, idiot’  !

But otherwise the language is Pretty much ok, I’ve even understand that it supports OOP. You could always  get the python plug-in for Eclipse (if you are a java fanatic like me that is) but there are several other pretty good IDEs such as pyscripter out there too.


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