Corner Shelves – For Your Expanding Needs

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Most of us are like pack rats. We hoard a lot of stuff and tend to fill all horizontal surfaces with our things. And when we run out of room for additional junk, we find ourselves backed into a corner. Well, it’s about time to reverse the situation and put all our bric-a-brac in their rightful place – in the corner, shelved.

With corner shelves, our need for additional storage is answered. These shelves increase available space and reduce obtrusive clutter. Plus, it totally takes full advantage of the seemingly useless angled areas in our homes. This is mainly important for people with tight living areas, or specific rooms with very little space to spare (like bathrooms).

Aside from its organizing and clutter-reducing features, corner shelves have decorative functions as well. It can easily double as a display area for collectibles you want showcased. You can also opt for shelves with fancy designs to fit right in with your home’s interior design. With a wide array of styles, sizes and shapes available in the market, the possibilities are endless. If you can’t find the style that you want, you can build one yourself if you have the carpentry skills, as it is quite simple and immensely gratifying to make. If not, you can have a carpenter make it according to your specifications instead.

Another great attribute of these shelves is their portability. Just as easy as it is to install, removing it requires little effort. Simply lift and reposition to another corner depending on your space and design requirements.

But before you go ahead and buy/build your own corner shelves, there are some things to consider. Will the shelves serve decorative or purely storage functions? This will dictate as to what items you are planning to put on it; like breakables or keys and spare change. Accessibility is an issue if you have small children or people with disabilities in your home. You might want to consider getting open or closed shelves for this purpose. Also, take into account what material the shelves are made of. Bathroom shelves obviously need to be waterproof. In other areas, like the living room or kitchen, you may also want a material that blends in with your existing furniture. You can choose from a variety of materials like wood, metal, glass or plastic to suit any ideas you have in mind.

The corner shelf is truly a very innovative fixture.

Funny thing about corners and shelves is that the only thing they have in common is their affinity to collect dust. Who would’ve thought that when put together you would have a versatile space saver that can be decorated in an unlimited number of ways.


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