Maximizing Bathroom Space with Shelves

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Generally, bathrooms are designed with functionality first in mind as most people are likely to spend less time in them compared to other rooms inside the house. As a result, most bathroom areas are relatively small and cramped. Usually there’s just enough space for a tub or shower, the toilet, the sink, and enough leg room to navigate in. Moreover, since utility takes precedence over aesthetic values, most bathrooms have the propensity to look and feel characterless.

If you are looking for a way to address the lack of space and styling options of your bathroom – without having to resort to expensive renovations – then shelves is the way to go. Bathroom shelves add much needed space for your belongings without eating limited floor area. If you happen to have a lot of grooming products, you can reduce the clutter from the top of your sink, toilet or tub with the extra storage that bathroom shelves offer. Pretty much anything you need in the bathroom can be placed on a shelf. There may even be enough space for ornamental pieces. What’s more, with the wide array of designs and materials to choose from, bathroom shelves can in themselves add the right decorative touch that you may be looking for.  Take a look below and find out about the best bathroom shelving options you choose from.

  • Corner shelves are a good idea for cramped bathrooms where corners are the only space available. They’re excellent for holding indispensable items such as skincare products, shampoo bottles, etc.; and unobtrusive enough to fit in nooks and crannies. (i.e. a shelf placed next to the toilet can store tissue paper, or in the shower stall to hold soap or shower gels )
  • Wall-mounted shelves can be placed anyplace where there’s enough wall space, like above the sink or toilet. They can store a multitude of your toiletries and appliances, and give easy access to items when needed. When used properly, the shelves can help create a look that’s contemporary and organized.
  • Free-standing shelves are very convenient to use in the sense that they can easily be moved around to suit your purposes. Typically, these shelves come in kits that are built to stand in corners, parallel to a wall or over the toilet. They usually have suction cups to hold the unit in place.  And depending on the materials they are made of, the shelves can have an immense impact on the style of your bathroom. Glass and steel provide a modern feel; plastic is a practical option for children who tend to slam objects. It’s very easy to maintain ,too; while wood isn’t considered a good choice, the treated type can withstand the damp and humid conditions of bathrooms.

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