how to get rid of body odor

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Step 1 – Cleansing your body with soap to get rid of the bacteria, filth, and oils will greatly reduce body aroma! Take a wash fabric or rag to help get rid of all that soil and grim.

Step 2 – Use deodorant on the under arms, there are many variant kinds out there that have assorted strengths against perspiration.  out a lot of assorted brand names and examine which one works the best for you. Each one is different, some may perspire a lot more, while others don’t perspire as much. If the deodorant isn’t effective against your body odour, then think using apple cider vinegar. Obtain a rag or paper towel and pour some apple cider vinegar along it. Rub your armpits with it, this will obliterate any bacterium along your pits instantly and it is as well good for your skin. The apple cider vinegar has a weird scent, but it sure beats body odor!

Step 3– Switch the way you consume and get rid of horrid habits. Having stinky foods such as onions, garlic, curry, alcohol, and smoking can produce body scent. Consume tasteless foods such as lettuce, bread, cabbage, pasta, noodles, etc to stop body odor.

Step 4 – Do not wear soil or old garments that you already bore the day earlier. The bacterias from a dirty shirt can live and will multiply when you sweat again causing more body smell!

Step 5 – Practice the above steps daily to maintain a good healthy smell everyday! It will be very beneficial to you and the people around you!


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