Why I Decided to Blog

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As I browsed through my previous articles, I realized it has already been a year since I posted my first article. Before, I thought it would be a cool idea to become a blogger. You know, the fact that I now have a venue for all the topics I can write about is already a cool idea. How much more if these articles can provide me added income, that is bonus, isn’t it?

I thought, if I want to become a blogger, what should I write about?  This niche started while I was having my research on youtube. There was this video presentation, it said, “I’m earning $200 a month, watch me how.” I pondered deeply; hmm, not a bad idea at all. Imagine an additional income of Php8,000.++ each month. When I clicked his website, I found nothing but trashy posts surrounded by Adsense. Still with the $200 a month income in mind, I finally decided to create my own blog, but what should I write about?

Got an idea!

Because I’m the type of person who is in continuous quest for additional income, and the fact that online income can be very promising, I finally hopped in the idea of providing online income opportunities to my fellow Filipinos and to those who are interested in finding online income. Finally, after long  hours of research, workingpinoys.blogspot.com came to life.  It talked about income opportunities online and other channels as well. Working Pinoys served as a haven for all these research that I made.

Luckily, aside from the income I’ve generated through my Adsense, which is around $35 to this date, and another $95 from all the income-generating websites that I’ve joined, I can say that this is such a promising hobby. With other hobbies, we spend to sustain them. With discipline and patience, for bloggers, we sustain them to earn.

It’s so easy daydream and embrace our imagined income, but the discipline part is really the challenge. As for me, I have a regular job. Thus, writing on a regular basis is really a challenge for me. I would like to have that enthusiasm in the years to come.  At first I said I want to become a blogger; now , I am proud to say that I am A Blogger.I can’t wait to write entries on my second, third, or even 10-year anniversary.   I can’t wait to say this in the future- ” I blog for a living.” I hope I’ll be able to touch more lives; though I may not be the source of your millions, I hope I will be able to inspire you in your quest for online income and opportunities.


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