Helping your child find friends at school

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Most of us have some recollection of our childhood , especially times at school , for the most part they were exciting but for a few they were difficult even traumatic.

A child’s friends at school are crucially important for their own social development and their enjoyment  making school an all round happier place for them. There are several steps that you can take to ensure that your child has a good strong network of friends around them.

Speak to your child , learn from them and find out what level of social interaction they feel they need. The best way of establishing this is by watching them and seeing how much time they want to spend with friends. Its important not to pressure them into friendships.

Investigate school clubs and groups , this can be a great way of building your child’s confidence and introducing them to other children that they may not necessarily mix with during their school day.

From a parents perspective , establish friendships with other parents at the school ,  popping round for a coffee is another great way of  bringing kids together.

Speak to the school, if you have concerns about your child not integrating spend some time talking to their tutors and explaining how important it is for both you and them to connect with other pupils.

As well as a parent , think about your own role as a friend , sometimes they may need to confide in you or talk though things that are going on in their lives.

All these point should lead to a happier school life!


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