Numbers and Sets

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Prime Numbers and Composite Numbers
When there happens to be a counting number that is not classified as being a prime number, then that number is classified as being a composite number. Numbers that have more than two factors within them are classified as being composite numbers. This, of course, means that one cannot be classified as being a composite number because it obviously only has one factor within it. Some examples of numbers that are classified as being composite numbers are four, six, eight, nine, and ten.

Integers include positive whole numbers and negative whole numbers. Integers also include the number zero. Positive whole numbers are all of the counting numbers. Negative whole number are the whole numbers that are less than zero. Negative three, negative two, negative one, and zero are some examples of integers, as well as positive one, positive two, and positive three.

Absolute Value
An absolute value of a number can be determined by discovering the distance of that number from zero. You can find the absolute value of either a negative number or a positive number, but the absolute value of the number is always stated as a positive number. The symbol “||” is used to mean absolute value. In an example of this symbol’s use, \-7\ equals 7. The absolute value of negative 7, or minus 7, is simply 7. It is the same when using a positive number. \7\ is 7, meaning that the absolute value of 7 is also 7.

In mathematical terms, a set is defined as a collection of items. These items can be numbers, but they can also be things such as marbles, trading cards, coins, cups, plates, and so on and so forth. “Members of the set” are the items within the set. The three different types of sets are known as equal sets, equivalent sets, and subsets. When a set has identical members, it’s known as an equal set. When the set has the same number of members, it’s an equivalent set. Subsets are the sets that are contained within other sets.


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