Green Clothes Shopping – Tips For Healing The Environment In Style!

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There are many stereotypes at play when people think about the way environmentalists dress. If you think you must wear hippie-style garments in order to show your desire for a greener world, you are wrong! Fashion designers are thinking ahead, and finding ways to make clothing that is better for the world around us, without sacrificing style and modern design.

For example, many designers are choosing to use hemp, a “green’ fabric that is good for the environment, as well as organic cotton, in their newest designs. Even Bono (of U2 fame) and his wife, Alison Hewson, have joined forces with top designer Rogan, to create a line of “green” designs that are high fashion and so easy to wear.

As well, denim designers are finding ways to recycle used and vintage denims, in order to reuse materials in new ways. Vintage denim is great for the environment, and it is trendy as well. Vintage jeans can be reworked into shirts, skirts, or even new jeans that combine elements of new and vintage, producing truly original fashion.

Take some time to look around for organic cottons, hemp, and recycled denim, and you needn’t sacrifice fashion in order to dress “green”. It can be fun buying colorful cotton shopping bags as well. Lately, all the top designers are making a point of embracing a greener aesthetic when they design. Green is chic, and it is responsible as well.

Mother Earth depends on us all to give back what we have taken. Living green is about more than driving a hybrid, it is about living life conscience of the Earth and the effects our decisions have on the environment.


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