Twilight Book Review

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Twilight is a highly praised and very successful book about a teenage girl, named Bella. Her mother and her mother’s husband do a lot of traveling and Bella comes to need a more stable home where she can be a normal teenager and not have to follow her eccentric mother and the man her mother love’s. Bella ends up moving  in with her father and beginning a new life in a new town. Bella and her father share the characteristic of keeping mostly to themselves and not being opposed to having a quiet meal with one another, rather than going out and doing something fun and exciting. Bella carries out a normal existence at first, making friends and adjusting to her new school with nothing really exciting taking place. But, eventually, her life becomes anything but normal when she begins to suspect that one of her fellow classmates is more than human.

Edward is a member of the unusual Cullen family, a group of people, unrelated to each other by blood, but still sharing a home together. Each one of them has otherworldly beauty that involves unusually pale skin and the looks of a super model. Edward displays a strength beyond any normal man when he rescues Bella in what could have been a fatal accident. The book unfolds as a beautiful love story between human and vampire, with great struggles on both of their parts. Bella must survive in a world where not all vampires are kind and Edward must protect her from dangers that unfortunately include himself as Bella carries a scent more tempting than any other.


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