The Sun, Sea, Bridge and My Liberation on Women’s Day

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Let’s Celebrate Humanity.

The sun looked not quite lunch time yet. I thought the shore would be beautiful and discreet. I stepped on the same wobbly plank on the bridge. I couldn’t have walked without missing it. I never miss that loose board on the bridge. And my mom gets to know that it’s me, couldn’t be anyone else. Sea was a few miles away. The orange yellow sea had its blues. I was determined to go into the sea this time. I always had but failed. I had found myself standing on the beach, just short of the waves, gazing at the vastness of mystifying beauty. The reason? I was just another woman going with the tide! I was clueless and oblivious.

I started walking against the waves, into the sea. Pretty burly and invincible they were! The white froth bubbled my feet and they looked beautiful! I lost my focus and found myself walking with the tide just doing what it wanted me to. I endorsed the weakness of my gender yet again! We are creatures who go about glorifying their infirmity! Shouldn’t there be a Men’s Day as well! How wonderful it would have been! Another reason for celebration, another reason to feel special! Celebration is beautiful as long as its uninhibited, untagged, unaffected. I got lost in my world.

I would rather love a Human’s day! Human, with its entire miscellany, sounds better. I walked into the orange yellow water, quite deep into actually and against the surge. No signs of blues any where. Perhaps the sun had sipped in the blues. The orange yellow had mellowed down to an almost sunset sun. I thought, its time I returned to my shady serene nook. I walked down to my house through the piney shades. The pines smelled cold, it had started to get dark. I knocked at the door, my mom was surprised. I didn’t step on the loose plank!

Deep inside

I love being a woman

I love those who love being men as well

I love humans more than anything else

Let’s celebrate humanity


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