Increase the Potential of Your Brain Power

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Increase your brain power with methods other than relentless studying and irksome brain cramming. The key is to improve the way your brain cells work with each other. Though the brain is much more complex, it has a lot in common with computers. However, it is still a living organ and it needs your nurturing.

Understand how the brain works. You have, more or less, one hundred billion neurons working inside your head. The brain uses electricity as well as chemicals known as neurotransmitters. Your mind communicates with your entire body through the nerves that branch out from your spinal chord. Hormones are carried through the blood, with the power to change how we think and feel.

Exert your brain or it will deflate. The brain does get larger when presented with new challenges. The more intelligent you are, the bigger your brain is. This doesn’t mean that you will have more brain cells, but that you will have more of the cells that support and feed your brain. Just remember, if you don’t exercise your brain, it will get flabby, just like any other muscle.

The foods you eat have a great effect on the power of your brain. Don’t skip breakfast. Make sure your lunch is smaller than your breakfast and supper, otherwise you’ll feel worn down and tired. Eat plenty of vegetables, grains, fruits, and beans. This will create a healthy amount of glucose. Glucose is one thing that your brain thrives on to keep it strong and healthy.

Avoid drugs. Drugs make their way through your brain and damage the hardware inside your head. The long term effects of drug use includes loss of creativity, a bad or sluggish memory, as well as other harmful or brain declining side effects.

Exercise! Exercising gives your mind a natural high with endorphins. It pumps more blood throughout your body, including your brain. The blood then carries its oxygen into your brain. The brain is an oxygen junkie! It thrives on it and becomes stronger and more powerful when given plenty of oxygen.

Get enough sleep. While you are asleep, the body heals and rebuilds itself. Your brain also has a strange system that it uses in order to help you work through the problems of your life. This system is dreaming. Your dreams may seem odd and pointless to you most of the time, but they are especially important to your brain.

Sunlight is also important to your brain. Sunlight is a natural remedy for depression. Your mind has a light control center, known as the pineal gland. This glad receives light messages from the nerves attached to your eyes.

Make your brain more absorbent. You can help yourself to remember things more easily by turning them into poems, saying them out loud, making their initials into a humorous phrase, making it into a picture, and using it every day. You can also help yourself to remember things better by studying them in a different scenery because your mind is more alert when your surroundings are less familiar to you.

Be creative. Creativity exercises the brain. Write stories, draw pictures, paint, and build things.

Meditate. Meditation has the power to clean out the cobwebs of your mind. It exercises your brain and teaches you how to become more aware of each of your senses.

Challenge yourself. Give your mind obstacles and reach for new discoveries. Learn another language. Learn how to play a musical instrument. Put yourself through trials. Complete puzzles, games. Read and write. Participate in conversations that stimulate your mind. The brain thrives on all of these things and grows with each and every one of them.


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