Secrets that men keep

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Men are just like women. They have things that they keep to themselves too. Why is this? Well, men have always had problems with communication and emotions. They don’t like to talk or express their feelings. From these two things alone, they could be keeping a lot of secrets to themselves. It would be nice if you can recognize that they’re in pain too. They might just blow up one day. I’ve seen it happened. One of my cousins in law was always diplomatic but then he came home one day and kick everyone out of the house. He threatens to even take their lives if they kept on messing with him. Yes, men do keep it all inside. It’s a good thing if you can read it in them.

They don’t like to talk that much

Men don’t like to talk that much. They rather keep it all inside. Men don’t say much. If you’ve been with a man, you know how they are like. They do a lot but say very little. They can’t even ask a girl out sometimes. I was waiting for my sweetheart to ask me out for a year but all I got was some emails replies from him. He seems to dodge the issue very well. He likes me to do all of the work. I don’t like dating a shy man but they like to make you do all the work.

They rather write I love you

It’s painful for a man to say that they love you. It seems like it’s there but they won’t say it. Men hate it and they have a lot of pride too. It’s a macho thing. I saw my man hiding away from these words all the time.

They really love you when they fix your car

They exchange their love by doing things for you. It’s funny but my brother use to show his love for me by fixing my car or buying me things. They never say it but they do a lot of it.

They hide a lot of things from you

Men aren’t good at communication skills so they hide a lot of things from you. They hide it because they’re afraid to talk about it. Communication skills are very important but men seem to hate this topic.

They wish you can read their mind

Men would love you if you can read their mind. If you know what they want and what they’re thinking, they will love you for it.

They wish you make the first move

Men would love it too if you can make the first move. This means that they don’t have to do a lot of work. They would love this idea. See if you can make the first move the next time on a shy man.

They’re kind of blunt

Men are kind of blunt. They don’t feel as much as women. You might think it’s mean but they think it’s not. Men are kind of blunt. They are not as emotional as women. They don’t cry at the movies.


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