How to save money when you’re a parent

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It’s tough being a parent. You’re buried in tons of debt and obligation. You didn’t think that it will be this bad but being a parent is not that easy. My parents never like their jobs as parents. They wish that they were never parents themselves. Many people will find that it’s a surprise when it comes parenting and having a family. This is why there are many programs on family planning and counseling because it’s not as easy as you think it would be. For some people, they will end up with a divorce over the anger build up in their relationship because they’re too overwhelmed with responsibilities.

Reduce the number of children

People think that they have to give birth to ten kids when they get married. This is ok in the 1920 where you don’t have to pay for a lot of things but this is insane in the year 2010. No one can afford more than four children. People are fighting daily even over one kid. People think that there are no emergency costs or even that they will have to pay for all cost related to their children. Their parents won’t do it so why should they have many children. The cost of living increases every year. You should plan for this and it’s insane to have more than 2 kids in any household unless you make a lot of money. Even if you make a lot of money, you would also spend a lot of it on child care, food, healthcare, clothing, housing and you will be left with little money.

Both partners have to work

In order to have more money and save more money, it’s wise to have both people work. You can give the kids to relatives or grandparents. Even a baby sitter will cost a fraction of what you will make at work. You will have to work.


You can get help from relatives too. It can be some cash once in awhile or baby sitting. They can also help you with baby food, clothing and so forth. They’re your relatives so you can get some help from them.

Cook at home

You can save some money by dining at home. It cost more to go out. You can save a lot by dining at home.

Shop at discount stores

There are plenty of goodies like toys, household items for less at discounted store. It would be insane to go into department store to buy a baby pair of pants for $100 where it would cost about $5 at Target. I would suggest Wal-Mart, Target and Sears.


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