Why you should never move to Mexico

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I wouldn’t ever want to live in Mexico city after I watched a kidnapped story in Mexico. Sure, it’s beautiful there but it’s also a country full of crimes, poverty, kidnapping and illegal problems. I would be out of my mind to ever want to live in Mexico. I don’t know why people want to live there. Why would you want to live there? The US is full of securities and the government is much better. You would be safer in the US.

There are people who move there but I wouldn’t take that kind of risk. I watched a story of a couple moving to Mexico from the US. After living there for awhile, they came into the terror of their life. The husband was kidnapped and they demanded $8 million or else the husband would be dead. Of course the wife was terrorized with the demand but she didn’t have $8 million.

She has to raise money but no one wanted to help her. She sold everything that she could but she couldn’t come up with the money. She had to communicate to them through the newspaper. While she tried to come up with the money, her husband was starved, beaten, shot and he was dying. Finally, two people wrote big checks to help her out. This changed her life around. Soon, her husband was released but he was a thin frail man, he looks like nothing before.

Even after the release, the kidnappers got some other people from her groups and they threatened to take all of their lives away. They demanded more money. It seems like the torture never stops with this family. This is the lesson for those that want to move to Mexico. It’s a lovely city with many crimes and many kidnaps. You could be happy for a little while until you get kidnapped by the gangs there. This is Mexico city and there isn’t a lot of justice going on there. Police can’t do much because the gangs are higher power than the police. If you want to move to Mexico City, you should look at these kidnaps first. It’s not a joke when it comes to crimes in Mexico. Securities are nothing compared to those in the US. If you live in the US, you should stay here.


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