How to find bad records of your employer

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Do you know a lot about your employer? This is like an investment so you should know a lot about them. I was shock to research one of my current employers and found out that they had about ten lawsuits and they were named crooks. Yikes. I guess I was working for the wrong employer. All the signs were there and I confirmed it when I look them up. They were named crooks and did business like they were communists. They also were named un-professionals and reckless and disregard for shareholders. I guess I feel better now that I left this employer.

Sometimes you sit at your desk and think that you’re with a crook, you might be right. Why don’t you google them? You will find that they’re crooks. You will then feel better and feel more confident about quitting your job. I guess not all employers are honest. If they’re not honest, you won’t get that good of a treatment at work either.

This is like being an investor in a company. If you invest in a crooked company, you will suffer. You might lose all of your money. I’m sure all of us learned a lot from the recent stock market crash. Yes, there are plenty of crooked companies out there. If you want to know what kind of problems your employers have, you can google them. I google one of my company and found out that they have had a lot of discrimination lawsuits. They were the subject of that and now they learn their lessons. The lawsuits settlements were in millions. If you’re with a risky company, you want to know so you don’t sit at your desk beating yourself up daily. You want to get out before it collapse on you.


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