Finding exotic animals in Vietnam

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If you’re a zoo or a collector, you would love places like Vietnam. You can find exotic animal wandering around the backyard of someone. You can offer to buy these animals or just to play or observe them. Since some of these animals are not available in the US. They’re still creeping around in Vietnam. I always love watching the animal there. Vietnam also has plenty of fresh fruit. It’s amazing to see and even to eat some of the fresh fruit there that are not available in the US.

It’s a place to be discovered. It’s a lovely place to visit since the nature there is still very much in its nature form. We’re a developed country and you don’t see many farms but you get to see lovely farm in Vietnam. It’s just a breeze to visit the country. There are many different kind of snakes there for people who love snakes. I used to see tons of snakes where I used to live. They were big too. For those that collect snakes, they can find that they can buy a lot of these in Vietnam or find a way to bring them back to the US for the zoo. I’m pretty sure they would want to sell it to you.

You would still see cow and ox. You don’t see that in the US but you see it in Vietnam. You see monkeys. There are many monkeys around the neighborhood. These are very lovely animals. They were always a delight for me to see. However, people there don’t take care of it that good so you can go there and try to see if you can buy it if you’re from a zoo.


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