How Losing Weight Can Make You Value Your Appearance More

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How Losing Weight Can Make You Value Your Appearance More

Losing weight is a very hard thing to do; it makes you take a really good look at yourself. Sometimes you like what you see, at other times you don’t like what you see. Losing weight can help you value your appearance more in a number of ways.

Ask yourself why you want to lose weight – are you doing it for yourself or for someone else? For example, I have been overweight all my life due to a condition called PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome). This means I have a very hard time losing weight. One day my boyfriend and I were talking and he said “You know, you would be stunning if you were slim”. This made me think and look at myself.

Did I want to lose weight? Yes. Did I want to lose weight for him? No. Later on that day, I looked at myself in the mirror and asked myself “Do I like what I see?” The answer was yes and no. I started a diet but months after that conversation.

Being overweight can make you feel self-conscious. In a world where young girls are being pressured to be super-skinny like celebrities in Hollywood, losing weight affects how you look at yourself. Some people will think to themselves “If I’m skinny this guy will like me more” or “Once I’m thin I will feel more beautiful than I do right now”.

Losing weight is great for your health; being overweight affects your heart, your lungs, and muscles etc – every part of your body. As you start your diet and your exercise regime, you notice the changes in your appearance. Your stomach looks flatter, your thighs more shapely, your calves are looking toned and trim.

Once you notice it for yourself and others as well, you start to look at yourself more closely – do I like what I see? What do I want to change about myself? The one question you should ask yourself as you lose weight is this – do I feel good about my appearance?

Losing weight affects how you look at yourself in many ways. Each time you look in the mirror as you continue on your diet and exercise routine you will notice slight changes to how you look and this will affect how you feel about yourself. Not only this, but the people around you may compliment the way you look and this will encourage you in what you want to achieve.


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